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BF-499T Four section timing heating controller

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Functions overview

BF-499T four-cycle timed heating controller for water tank is mainly used in various applications requiring solar hot water heating control.

The controller, equipped with BESFUL NTC-220 thermistor for temperature measurement, can be used to control the timed heating function in four time segments (i.e., cycles) and set the heating temperature individually for each cycle.

It is able to control the temperature within the range of -10 ℃99 ℃ according to the output of one-channel relay (NO/NC contact) for temperature control in each defined cycle, for which the temperature control value can be set up separately. In addition, the control also features temperature control hysteresis adjustment and temperature measurement deviation correction functions.

Thanks to the wide range of rated power supply, the controller is able to ensure stable, reliable and durable operation by adapting to AC80V240V power supply.

Main Features

  • One-channel 240K NTC temperature sensor input

  • One-channel NO/NC contact output

  • Display temperature and time

  • Able to control the heating operation by setting up 4 cycles every day

  • Able to adjust the temperature control value for each heating cycle

  • Temperature measurement deviation correction

  • Memory protection after power failure

Specifications and Technical Data

Packing List of Product

1. Main unit

2. 1 x NTC (240K) temperature sensing wire

3. User instructions

4. Mounting bracket

Overall Dimensions (mm)

58 (L) × 78 (W) × 85 (T)

Installation and Dimensions (mm)

Window-mounted, opening size: 51 (L) ×71 (W)


Net weight: 0.246 Kg

Gross weight: 0.310 Kg

Power Supply and Consumption Power

AC (80240)V, 2W

Operating Conditions

-10℃ ~ 50℃

Display Mode

LED digital display


Push-type membrane keys


One-channel (240K) NTC thermistor temperature sensor input, measurement range: -1999 ℃


1. One-channel relay NO/NC contact temperature control output, two-channel NO contact temperature control backup output.

2. Current capacity of each channel contact: 6 A (resistive load) and 1 A (inductive load)

Able to control a 1000W electric heater or a 200W motor or water pump. AC contactor required for capacity expansion in case of larger load.

Timing Range


Measurement Range

-1999 ℃

Setting Range

-1099 ℃

Control Range

1099 ℃

Other Parameters

1. Temperature sensing wire can be extended by 100 m with ordinary wire for long-distance connection.

2. Memorize the set parameter for a long time after power failure

3. Temperature control hysteresis: 0℃20℃.

Power Supply and Input & Output Ports

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