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About Besful

Shenzhen BESFUL Electric Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological production enterprise centering on independent research and development, as well as an excellent controller, control board supplier in the industry. The company has always been dedicated to the product R&D, promotion and application of heating control (automatic control of solar heat pump hot water), refrigeration control (automatic control of refrigeration of various refrigerated chilled water), kitchen catering heating and baking control (intelligent control of cooking, frying, baking and baking), as well as other energy-saving, greening and intelligent life-related fields with the spirit of perseverance and pursuit of excellence. BESFUL Company has been devoted to the research and development of intelligent control products for many years. Through the sincere communication with users, Besful Company has accumulated abundant technical experience, which makes Besful Company able to continuously launch very useful products with stable quality to the market.

At present, BESFUL Company has made considerable progress in many industries, and its products are widely used in industries such as real estate residential areas, hotel villas, supporting facilities for dormitory apartments, hot water engineering (solar energy, heat pump hot water engineering) for civil residential buildings, various cold storage occasions (food low-temperature fresh-keeping cabinet, cold storage cabinet, medical cold storage equipment), freezing equipment (freezing cabinet, cold storage project, ice maker), river fresh, seafood breeding (fish pond water chiller control), kitchen heating, baking and baking equipment, etc. Its products have been adopted by thousands of domestic and foreign users for a long time. 

Adhering to the idea of doing a good job in the bottom management and advocating the spirit of quality above all else, "Manufacturing durable goods and top-quality products" is our persistent idea.

[BESFUL] is the commercial brand of Besful Company, which well-known in the industry. In the future, we will continue to launch products with more subdivision series and better performance for customers who support us for a long time.

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