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BF-170M Solar water heating system controller with pressure sepa

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Functions overview

BF-170M is a type of pressure-bearing solar water heating system controller with a high-power contact output of 3000 W, consisting of a main unit used to control the entire water heating system, and 5 optional super-slim wall-mounted wire controllers to be connected to 4 different water consumers in order to allow users for long-distance regulation of the main unit.

In order to meet various demands of controlling water heating systems, this product is integrated with two groups of functions, i.e., heating control functions (timed auxiliary heating, heat collection circulation, manual heating) and water return control functions (timed water return, manual water return).

This product features a higher versatility and enables customization of control scenarios and parameters according to individual requirements.

BF-170M is an ideal solution for detached townhouses, residential houses, resort hotels, inns and other applications, and able to ensure large-capacity heating operation with stable and excellent performance.

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Specification and technical parameters

Product parts list1.Host x 1 (excluding control panel)
2.NTC10K-A-2 Water Tank Temperature Sensor X 3

Appearance of size(mm)160(L)×112(W)× 40(H)
The installationWall-mounted mounting
Working power supply and power consumptionWork Power AC80-240v:3w;Standby:<2w
DisplayLED Digital Display
The keysPressing Conductive Silicone Keypad

Three-way 10K NTC thermistor temperature input and water level sensor input:
●T1. Water tank temperature sensor input;
●T2. Heat collector plate temperature sensor input;
●T3. Pipe insulation temperature sensor input;


◆ electric heating output, load power AC220V,3KW;
◆ temperature difference circulating pump output, the load power is AC220V,200W;
◆ output of pipeline circulation pump (or water booster pump), load power AC220V,200W;
◆ the output of the water booster pump, the load power is AC220V,200W
◆ output of water solenoid valve, the load is DC12V/2W;

Real-time ClockReal-time clock is 24-hour system
Timer Range00:00~23:59(Hour、minute)
Temperature MeasurementTemperature:-19~99℃
Set rangeHeating temperature setting:0~85℃
Control range of heating temperature & upper water-levelTemperature of water heating control rage:0~85℃

Other parameters◆ The temperature sensor wire can be connected to a distance of 100 meters by a common wire.
◆ Set parameters to maintain memory for a long time after power loss
◆ Temperature control water temperature control range: 10 ~ 80℃
◆ Temperature difference control range of collector plate: 4 ~ 30℃
◆ The temperature range of the water tank to stop the cycle of temperature difference: 55 ~ 99℃
◆ Pipe insulation temperature control range: 20 ~ 50℃
◆ Anti-freezing cycle temperature control range: -10 ~ 10℃

Power and Input/Output Port


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