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BF-D110A General temperature controller for refrigeration and he

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Functions overview

BF-D110A single-channel temperature controller, integrated with dual functions of heating and cooling, can be widely used in various applications requiring energy-saving and environment-friendly temperature control and cooling temperature control.

The controller can be mounted on a standard guide rail and is an ideal solution for limited space due to its compact construction.10K NTC thermistor is used for temperature measurement and can be extended by 100 m with ordinary wire for long-distance measurement, without compromising its accuracy.

       Thanks to the wide range of designed supply voltage, the controller is able to ensure stable, reliable and durable operation by adapting to AC80V240V power supply.


Installation and Features


Main Features

  • Enable heating or cooling control mode (cooling mode provided with compressor delay protection)

  • One-channel relay for temperature control, with NO/NC contact output

  • Delay start/stop time of compressor in refrigeration mode can be adjuste

  • Maximum and minimum limits of temperature setting range can be adjusted by users

  • Deviation of measured temperature can be corrected by users

  • Using flash memory technology to memorize the set parameter for a long time after power failure

  • Temperature-sensing head with dual rubber sealing, ensuring a certain degree of moisture resistance

  • High-precision NTC 10K temperature sensor used for temperature measurement, and no compensation required for long-distance (100 m) measurement by the temperature sensor

  • Rail-mounted design to enable installation on the standard guide rail in an electric cabinet

  • Switch mode power supply, ensuring stable running with AC80-240V power supply

Specifications and Technical Data

Packing List of Product

1. Main unit

2. 1 x NTC (10K) temperature sensing wire

3. User instructions

Overall Dimensions (mm)

L 91 × W 40 × H 52

Installation and Dimensions (mm)

The controller can be installed on a standard DIN guide rail or permanently mounted with two fixing holes (hole pitch = 84 mm).


Net weight: 0.152 Kg

Gross weight: 0.201 Kg

Power Supply and Consumption Power


Operating Conditions


Display Mode

3-digit LED digital display


Push-type membrane keys


One-channel (10K) NTC thermistor temperature sensor input, measuring range -50 120


1. One-channel relay NO/NC contact heating/cooling output

2. Current capacity of output contact: 5 A (resistive load) and 1 A (inductive load) Able to control 1000W electric heating equipment or 200W motors or water pumps.

AC contactors should be used to increase the capacity for larger loads.

Measurement Range

-50 120

Setting Range

Minimum limit: -45 control temperature

Maximum limit: control temperature ~110

Control Range


Other Parameters

1. Temperature sensing wire can be extended by 100 m with ordinary wire for long-distance connection

2. Memorize the set parameter for a long time after power failure

3. Temperature control hysteresis: 130

4. Delay time: 05

5. Deviation correction: -1515

Power Supply and Input & Output Ports

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